FAST-PUR is a portable two component polyurethane spray foam kit which enables the professional to produce polyurethane foam of exceptionally high quality, quickly and easily, wherever and whenever required.

The FAST-PUR kit comprises two pressurized tanks, linked by hoses, to the INSTA-FLO spray gun. When the contents of the two tanks are dispensed, they chemically react to produce a froth-like substance, which quickly expands to about three to five times the dispensed volume. The foam solidifies in about 30 seconds and fully cures into a solid permanent structure in approximately five minutes.

Technical data

  • Reaction to fire classification report (NF EN 13501-1): Class E
  • Determination of the thermal conductivity (EN 12667): lambda 0,021 W/(m.K)
  • Dimensional stability at 70°C/90 R.H.(EN 1604)
  • Determination of closed cell content (ISO 4590): 95%

FAST-PUR 2k foam versus one component foam (OCF)

Closed cells °°° °
Pressure resistance °°° °
Airtightness °°° °
Moistureproof °°° °
Dampresistance °° °
Adhesive strength °°° °
Energy saving °°° °